All change

Apologies for missing a week, I was poorly sick last Friday 😦

So, since my last blog post I’ve done lots of new stuff (never a dull moment here y’know!!), including looking into new premises back in the town centre, as we are having a re-vamp of the Town Hall in Chesterfield to make it all shiny and sooper-dooper! Also there is a possibility of launching a ‘shop local’ campaign in Chesterfield too, that I seem to have signed up for somehow (wasn’t all my idea, honest!!!!!)

New stock lines I’m working on this week include:

  • Camper van Fimo keyrings
  • ‘Baby Bouquets’
  • Peter Pan collars
  • Shoe clips
Camper Van Keyrings

Camper Van Keyrings

some of these are for a new stockist in Chesterfield, so watch this space!


Thanks for reading…more next week 🙂