Bake, Sew & Blog On!

Happy Monday!!

So, as I type I’m covered in Polymer Clay (probably not the best plan to have started a blog post in the middle of working, but you have to start before you forget what you were going to say when inspiration strikes!!

I’m making my ever popular biscuit keyrings today – Bourbons and Custard Creams – which is a surprisingly labour intensive process as each stage is done by hand…

Biscuit Keyring

different stages of making a Polymer Clay keyring

From sourcing and buying the Fimo clay (a feat in itself! – always grateful for any feedback of reliable wholesalers that anyone can point me in the general direction of) the first step is measuring, cutting and conditioning the clay, or basically mixing the right quantities together. For the custard Creams, to achieve the right colour I have to mix cream and caramel together, which automatically conditions the clay as it is worked, by using a pasta machine and good old elbow grease. Once the clay is soft, I then press it into the biscuit mold, carefully extracting it and placing on a baking tray to harden in the oven. The ‘cream’ in the middle of the biscuit is made by rolling out a sheet of clay with the pasta machine and cutting out the right size shapes. Once it has baked and cooled it is then hot glued together with a glue gun, sandwiching the cream middle and a keyring chain between 2 biscuit sides.

At present, I make Bourbons, Custard Creams, mini Jammy Dodgers and mini Oreos – all can be bought from my Etsy store:

Planned for later this week is the beginnings of a memory quilt, and more cushions with printed sayings on them.

And just a quick update about my weekend…Doctor Who finished it’s latest series 😦 counting down the days til the special 50th anniversary episode in November!! We went to a Eurovision party at my friends pub – amazingly good fun 😀 and then had a fundraising event on Sunday for in the form of the first annual national #WAYBigPicnic. Cracking.

Thanks for reading