My OH’s favourite new phrase, which for the uninitiated (or those of us who don’t work with 20-something’s straight out of Uni!) it stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read. I have a sneaking suspicion this is only supposed to be used when I am telling a long and arduous account of my day, where he has switched off – but given where it has originated from, I guess it is used wherever the conversation doesn’t involve computer games or drinking(!)



Now, this got me thinking whether or not it just applied to online articles, replies to forum threads, the good old ‘Ts & Cs’ ( let’s face it, who doesn’t just click that ‘Accept & Proceed’ button!?), or whether it applies to blog posts too?
I’m reading more & more of other peoples blogs as I try and learn the craft of blogging, and I understand that the idea is not to waffle on and on and on, but don’t you think that some people’s blogs are just a teeny bit too short?
I am very much reminded of my primary school ‘creative writing’ classes when I’m planning my blog posts (my teachers name escapes me, but it was quite a long time ago now!) and try to ensure, no matter how long or short, they have a beginning, a middle and an end. I also think they should have a bit of content, a pretty picture or two, maybe teach you something, and tell a story.
Short and sweet is good, but “I did this, it was good” or “ohhh, look at these 20 pictures of pretty handbags” just doesn’t cut it for me, and certainly doesn’t engage me enough to carry on following to find out what happens next.

So before this gets ‘TL’ and you ‘DR’ the rest of it, I’ll get on with it!!!

I’ve started a memory quilt this week

Shirts ready for Memory Quilt

I’ve done PLENTY of memory cushions over the last few years, but have had a couple of requests for quilts so I thought I should practice first with my own stash of clothes (of my late husbands) and make any mistakes there if I’m going to make any. The hardest part of this will be deciding how many blocks to use/what size to make – I think this will involve some quilting research! I’m pretty sure the correct way to do it is make a block of 4 squares, then sew these together, which will then dictate the size(s)….any input from more experience quilters is very much appreciated!
I’ll keep you posted as I go along, and share any tips or tricks I find out about.

Paramount on the top of my to do list this week is to find a company that sells Fimo polymer clay wholesale in the UK. After a couple of false starts, I think I’ve found somewhere and have placed an order – always handy to have a back up plan though, so shout up if you know anywhere!

The ‘Pint of Socks’ Father’s Day presents that I blogged about the other week are selling really well! only a few days left to order if you want them posted out, a couple more if you buy from my shop


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