A week of tears and laughter

So, to quickly gloss over the first part – it should have been my Husbands 37th birthday on Wednesday. Sad that he wasn’t here to celebrate with me and his family and, as all big occasions are, a painful reminder that he’s gone. I won’t try and pretend it doesn’t hurt for anyone’s benefit, but also not ashamed to say that with the help of counselling and my WAY friends ( http://www.widowedandyoung.org.uk ) I have/am processing the bereavement pretty well and trying to live the rest of my life to the full. If this kind of thing teaches you anything, it’s that life is too short and you need to crack on & get on with it!!

Actually, last year this theory was put firmly in to practice – I started dating again, I started going out in to the real world again, I made the leap back into self-employment, and I finally took a deep breath and bought my well longed after VW Camper van!! There was only one thing I could have possibly called him….

VW Camper van

My VW Camper van – Olli

Olli!! – and I even found him his own name badge 🙂

Now, the laughter part of this post relates to the fact that we went to see the absolutely amazingly funny Eddie Izzard on his Force Majeure Tour at Nottingham Arena last night. I’ve been to see a few shows over the last few months by other comedians, and have been sorely disappointed. The only gripe about this one was that we were so far away, right in the back corner of the Arena, with not many other people around us which I think dulled the atmosphere a little. Sketches about a musical called ‘Trouser Mountain’, God v’s Vader in a Martian canteen, and dressage horse burglars had us in stitches!!!! Can’t wait to watch it again on DVD.

Work wise, having realised it’s not long until Father’s Day (Sunday June 16th) I’m concentrating on making ‘Man Stuff’. The ever-popular ‘Pint of Socks’ will make a reappearance, chocolate hampers, Emergency pictures, plus a whole load of other stuff to try that I’ve found on Pintrest!! All will be available though my eBay shop: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/beaubabyboutique and I’ll blog about them as I make them.

Let’s start with the Pint of Socks, as I’ve already done them! A super-easy idea, as it’s essentially pairs of socks in different colours, rolled up in a pint pot – but very effective and very popular!

Pint of Socks

Pint of Socks

Perfect for any man in your family – a funny, yet practical gift!


Off for a well earned lazy Bank Holiday weekend, so Ciao for now!!!







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